CCN’s September 6th Hero is Allie

Originally Posted September 10, 2018

CCN’s September 6th Hero is Allie!
Allie is 10 years old and was diagnosed with high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her cancer journey has been long – full of ups and downs. She and her family have experienced their darkest days and some of their brightest. Allie is an amazing fighter though and does it with a smile. Her favorite Disney character is Olaf “because he’s so cute and funny!” Her favorite activity is dance!! She loves dancing and has continued to do it throughout her cancer journey. She recently won a national championship for a solo and a duet with her BFF! Allie has a big heart and wishes she could take all the cancer in the world for herself. She worries more about how others are doing with her cancer diagnosis than herself. She is kind, loving, and simply incredible!