Children's Cancer Network's Mother's Day Celebration is a special time to celebrate and honor our moms!

Moms play a significant role in almost every moment of each cancer fighter’s journey. Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey, please plan to join us for this beautiful event designed just for YOU! 

Moms have consistently enjoyed their luncheon, tea, or in 2020, our virtual celebration on Zoom due to COVID-19!  Please join us for a moment of fun, connections with others walking a similar journey, and a time to just be you! You may find games, entertainment, goodie bags, along with a moment to relax and be yourself. It short, Children’s Cancer Network’s Mother’s Day Celebration is time to focus on YOU! We’ll keep you posted for the date of next year’s celebration! We can’t wait to celebrate YOU!

P.S. This is not to say that Dads don’t play a significant role as well in their child’s cancer journey. They do and Children’s Cancer Network would love to honor Dad’s as well. Dads, please let us know what you’d like that celebration to look like and we are ready to get that started! Perhaps attending a sporting event or an outing at Top Golf?! We are game if you are!