Arizona is fortunate to have many organizations serving the childhood cancer population.

In 2017, representatives from these organizations chose to connect quarterly to network. Over the years, this group has become very positive. Networking, sharing ideas, discussing topics that impact our population and each of our organizations, learning from each other, and collaborating in small and large groups all while respecting the mission and scope of each organization.

In 2018, “The Purple Book” was formed. Receiving its name from the random color chosen for the folder that holds the hard copy of each booklet, this purple book holds the mission, programs, and contact for the many organizations serving this fragile population of childhood cancer families. All organizations who serve these families are welcome to participate in this listing of childhood cancer organizations.

As a cumulative and comprehensive resource, this booklet can be helpful to Arizona social workers as well as family members in need. 

Updated every 6 months by Children’s Cancer Network for the coalition, these resource manuals may be distributed electronically or hard copy. All organizations are welcome to reprint copies of “The Purple Book” and share copies with their families and associates.