Willow Watson

Originally published on August 17, 2015

Big sister to 3 year old Lilly and 5 month old Tristan, Willow Watson, truly is a Hero. She was diagnosed on May 14, 2014 with Undifferentiated Sarcoma after her left cheek was noticeably swollen. She is about to begin her second round of Chemo with Radiation and is looking forward to her end of treatment in March of 2015.

This is a date marked in large letters on Willow’s calendar as she is going to Disneyland for her Make A Wish trip, where she may meet her favorite character, Elsa from Frozen. This 15 year old Freshman is quite the musician. When she is not at Deer Valley High School she can be found playing the drums or watching Japanese Animation.

Willow loves the ocean and sea life and would like to one day be a Marine Biologist or an Ichthyologist (Fish Scientist). Family and Friends have given her the support she needs to keep going and family friend, Paul, has stepped in many times when the road is tough. She is grateful for these people.

In her journey, Willow has had the opportunity to speak about her Cancer journey and one day she and her family would like to start a non-profit to help other patients and their families. . When feeling down, she finds that giving to others, especially other cancer patients, keeps her going.

Prior to diagnosis, Willow and her family were following a cancer patient on facebook, unaware that they too would soon be in the same hospital, facebooking their own journey. They believe they were being prepared for this battle. Willow is an inspiration to many and we look forward to hearing her speak out as a survivor!