Originally Posted February 28, 2017

CCN’s February 28th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Trinity!

Trinity’s cancer journey began one Easter.  She was sent to the doctor and was diagnosed with melanoma in her lymph nodes (one on each side).  They were removed and she has been in treatment for over a year.  Trinity is now 18 years old and the most important person in her life is her Dad.  She has always been a “Daddy’s Girl” and has a close, supportive relationship with him.  The things she does that helps her smile and feel good are drawing, listening to music, plays her viola, and dance.  She has learned that her family and friends are important and how supportive they can be when she needs them.  She would like to tell her cancer “Peace out yo!”

For more information about the Run to Fight Cancer on March 11, visit CCN Discount code for families is CCNFAM17