Originally published on August 17, 2015

Trajen, an active 6 year old, has four brothers and sisters who believe that he is the best! According to mom, Trajen’s siblings Courtney, Kamryn, Chloe, and Brock smile when he smiles and cries when he cries!

Diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in April of 2014, Trajen continues his treatment presently with chemotherapy. He loves being outdoors, playing video games, and each visitor brightens his day! Trajen’s favorite are his Lego people who go with him everywhere, even the hospital and clinic!

Mom shares that Trajen is strong, brave, and handles all that comes his way with grace! Trajen does have one focus though. . . he can not wait to play soccer when he is done with treatment!!! We all look forward to that day!!!