Originally Posted October 15, 2015

CCN’s September 8th Hero is TRACEY!!

Meet Tracey, a child life specialist, at Cardon! Tracey is new to our state, coming from Memphis, Tennessee seven months ago. She worked at LaBonner Hospital as a Child Life specialist in the emergency room and intensive care unit for five and a half years. Since January 2015, Tracey has been bringing smiles and happiness to the patients on the 7th floor! Tracey loves developing relationships with the families she has come to known; she loves to walk their journey with the children and their families. Tracey and her husband love exploring Arizona and have had the pleasure of visiting Flagstaff, Prescott and Sedona. Tracey loves hiking and adventurous outings. If she could be any superhero, Tracey would be Iron Man as she loves his suit! Thank you Tracey for all the love, care and tenderness you give to your families at Cardon!