Originally Posted August 17, 2015

An eighth grader at Freedom Academy in Scottsdale, Taylor was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Ependymoma, in June 2011 when she was ten years old. Surgery removed the tumor, radiation ensued and Taylor was in remission for 2 years when an MRI showed a regrowth… another surgery, radiation again and then in March 2014 another regrowth. Taylor said No to more surgery; the family begin a trial study that didn’t work on it flying cross country every 3 weeks for treatment. Now chemo is shrinking the tumor which was unexpected! She is in her 3rd round of oral chemo, 21 days on, 1 week off. Through all this she has had to relearn to walk, has weakness on her left side and is getting her balance back, getting stronger each day. She loves science experiments, is crafty and enjoys cooking. As her mom says, “she is amazing, everything she goes through, she gets back up and is so strong. She is my hero!” As for Taylor, God, her mom and her grandpa have been her inspirations.