Originally Posted March 2, 2017

CCN’s March 1st Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Spencer!

Spencer is 4 years old and was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor.  He was only 26 months old at the time.  One of the most important people in his life is his big brother, Donnovan who is the best big brother!  He loves Spencer and helps take care of him.  Another important person in Spencer’s life is his mommy because she helps him and cuddles with him.  The thing that makes Spencer smile and feel good is Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, and Daniel Tiger.  And he loves to eat raisins.  What  would Spencer say to his tumor that they have named “The Monster”?  “Bye bye monster…get out of here!”

For more information about the Run to Fight Cancer on March 11, visit runtofightcancer.com CCN Discount code for families is CCNFAM17