Originally Posted October 20, 2015

CCN’s September 12th Hero is SEDONA!

CCN’S SEPTEMBER 12th HERO is SEDONA! Soon to be 15y old, Sedona exudes happiness and joy! She has her life planned including the fact that she plans to become a doctor! This young lady had a blast trying on each one of our wigs and each one was absolutely beautiful – a hard choice, she went with the one in the picture below – her natural beauty radiates no matter what color her hair – or with no hair at all. Cancer has not stopped this young lady. She shares that her cancer journey has been “weird”, but it’s going to be okay! She and her 17y brother, Mica, are really close – They both like Manga, Anime, and Sedona loves to writes stories. As she says, she finds joy that she and Mica “get to be nerds together!” Thank you Sedona for sharing your joy with us and being today’s hero!!