Originally published on August 17, 2015

Ridge is a Senior at Corona High School were he plays volleyball. He also enjoys football and has not only attended AZ Soccer Camp but was a Counselor in Training over the summer. He has two sisters, Hailey who is 19 and a student at NAU and Seana who is 16.

They are great cheerleaders as he undergoes treatment. In July 2014 he was diagnosed with AML. Ridge does not like the term “Leukemia” and prefers to call his diagnosis, “Blood Stream Cancer”. This young man is a fighter and is frequently visited by firefighters from several different cities – Chandler, Phoenix, etc.

You see Ridge would like to one day major in Fire Science in College and be a Fire fighter himself. He says that the outpouring of support from his classmates at school and the community is amazing. Ridge is inspired by those who are walking through this journey with him.

He has set up a facebook page “Ridge’s Rocky Road with Blood Stream Cancer” to let everyone know about his amazing new community!