Bonding is important for every family, and especially so for the families battling childhood cancer.

Family bonding time is when a family spends time together in a meaningful way. It’s a designated time where the plan is to interact with each other in a group activity or project. During this time, families improve their communication by learning how to listen and work together. Children and parents both can improve their relationships with each member of the family. The family bonds can be reinforced and mutual respect has an opportunity to flourish. During family bonding time, family members may learn to value one another and find common ground to share because of positive memories and shared interests.

Children's Cancer Network offers many opportunities for family bonding!

One of the best and most unique opportunities is Superhero Family Fort building! Who doesn’t like to build a fort?!

Join us each fall for this amazing family experience where building a fort takes on a whole new meaning! Cardboard, pool noodles, blankets, flowers, duct tape, and many more supplies are available for your choosing as your tribe build the fort of their dreams while competing with other tribes! Music, fun, games, and a family style meal round out the day where fun is the business of the day! 

Watch the calendar for this family fun event. We can’t wait to share the day with you!