Originally Posted September 2, 2016

CCN’s September 2nd Hero is Lauren!

My cancer took away my whole senior year. A big loss to me was not being able to have my senior season on my school’s track team after being a state qualifier for the past 3 years. Despite this I am planning on heading to the University of Arizona this fall to study children’s oncology either as a nurse or a physician. Even though cancer has stolen my ability to be a normal teenager and be able to go out with friends, I have experienced other positive things such as meeting amazing people. In the future I would love to visit Italy to live in a villa, eat yummy Sicilian pizza, bruschetta, gelato, mozzarella, and bread. In my opinion an average situation can be turned positive if you make the best of it. Look for positive circumstances or situations no matter how silly they may be. You’ll learn to laugh at those silly circumstances and eventually embrace them. One thing I would like to say to my cancer is “I’m stronger than you are!”
Motto: Stay Fearless! (Lauren is a big Taylor Swift fan.)