Originally Posted September 26, 2016

CCN’s September 26th Hero is Keegan

After losing sight in my left eye we decided to seek help and find out what was wrong.  After some examinations and a biopsy we figured out that I had a rare and deadly stage 3 brain tumor in my left optic nerve (Anoplastic Astrocytoma). After 2 surgeries, one year of chemotherapy, radiation, and many many IV’s I am still going strong and enjoying life to the fullest, at the age of 19!   If I could travel anywhere it would be to Hawaii.  I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and to learn more about Pearl Harbor.  And learn to boogie board, too.  My favorite food is hard to decide on but I love pasta, lasagna, spaghetti sauce and cheese!  I didn’t do anything before a treatment but after we would normally go out for ice cream.  If I could say anything to my cancer it would be “Hasta la vista baby!”