Jeff Luttrell

Originally Posted August 17, 2015

Jeff is 25 years old and has battled cancer successfully seven times. Diagnosed with leukemia on his second day of kindergarten he began chemotherapy. Throughout his elementary school years, he battled through 4 relapses. Finally requiring a bone marrow transplant during his 7th grade year, Jeff kicked the leukemia. He did well for 9 years, gradually regaining his life and graduating high school. As a 21 year old, Jeff was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer of the tongue requiring surgery and radiation. It was a long year, but he was confident throughout. This past May, Jeff had a recurrence of the squamous cell cancer of the tongue which required more surgery. Again he has beat all odds and has begun his life again! He is a student at the Art Institute of Phoenix, working short hours per diem for a local printer, and enjoying time with friends. He is working on trademarking/copyrighting some designs and hopes to be a vendor at next year’s Comic Con!! That will be a sweet day! Courage comes in all shapes and sizes but this guy is my hero!!