Originally published on August 17, 2015

Isaac’s mom, Julie, was concerned about the ear infections, body pains and fevers that her son seemed to continually have and at a routine Doctor appointment in August of 2011 they did a blood test. Just one day before his 2nd birthday, Isaac was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

The good news is that Isaac will receive his final dose of Chemo in November and the whole family is ready to celebrate. He will also be celebrating his 5th Birthday on October 2nd. Isaac loves to skateboard and finger skateboard just like his two older brothers. He always has Matchbox cars to play with and loves anything with wheels.

His mom says he really likes to count, especially as a game with someone else like his mom or two older sisters. This guy is always happy and has a smile on his face. He had a cat named Shena who knew just how to cuddle with him when he wasn’t feeling so good after treatments.

He is a true animal lover and the family has dogs and puppies and cats and kittens. He enjoys watching Shrek movies, the Aristocats and of course Garfield cartoons. Mom says that the support of family helps them stay positive as well as the support of Children’s Cancer Network.