Originally published on August 17, 2015

“My grandsons, Armani and Georgio, keep me going,” says Ernesto, “I would do anything for those boys!” And he has, along with their grandma, his wife of 47 years. Together they are raising the boys.

Armani, a 10 year old, 5th grader was diagnosed at 3 years old with leukemia; he finished his treatment last year. Armani didn’t want anyone else but his grandpa with him through his cancer journey. Upon diagnosis he was hospitalized for 14 days; his grandparents took Armani to PCH every other day for chemo. “I was with him 24/7!” says Ernesto.

Armani has a 7 year old sister who lives with their mom and visits often. Let’s celebrate Ernesto and his wife for the love and care they have given their grandsons.