Originally Posted March 8, 2017

CCN’s March 10th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Erika!

Erika is an 11 year old Sibling Superhero!  Her brother, 12 year old Joey, was diagnosed with lymphoma B cell.  Erika says it’s hard seeing him suffer and she misses him a lot when he is in the hospital.  The most important person in her life is her mom.  She does everything for her such as making sure she is fed, clothed, and has a house to live in.  The things that make her smile are spending time with her best friend Alicia and going to Starbucks!  She loves the caramel frappuccino!  Seeing her brother feeling better also makes her smile and feel good.  She has learned that she is strong and that if her family is together they can accomplish many things.  What would she like to say to her brother’s cancer? “Why my brother, who is so young?”