Originally Posted February 27, 2017

CCN’s February 26th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Elizabeth!

At 15 years old Elizabeth has learned not to take things for granted and to enjoy the time she has.  She had been a dancer and was feeling pain in her left hip.  Shortly after, Elizabeth went to the doctor and she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma which resulted in surgery to take out her hip.  Currently she has no hip but is happy with where she is at.  Important people in her life is her family and best friend Brianna.  They have been supportive and there when she’s needed them.  She gives back to others by making cosmetic bags for patients in the hospital and loves doing make-up.  Both of these make her feel good and it is good therapy!  What would she say to her cancer?  “I hate you, but you brought my life to a whole new perspective.”

For more information about the Run to Fight Cancer on March 11, visit runtofightcancer.com CCN Discount code for families is CCNFAM17