CCN’s September 9th Hero is Jayden

Originally Posted September 9, 2019

CCN’s September 9th Hero is Jayden!

Jayden was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was three years old.  He is 6 now and doesn’t remember what it was like back then but does know that he is a survivor.  He has had 32 surgeries in his life and cancer falls into one of them. Jayden enjoys playing video games, Wii, Play Station, and using his imagination to build things with his Legos.  He also enjoys playing outside and spending time with his brothers.  Jayden is a Daddy’s boy and his Daddy plays with him and helps him with his homework.  Being happy all the time is something that makes Jayden special and he likes life!  “Cancer chose the wrong kid” printed on a Superman shirt would be his favorite motto.