CCN’s September 28th Heroes are Tori and Kelsea

Originally Posted September 27, 2018

CCN’s September 28th Heroes are Tori and Kelsea!
Both Tori and Kelsea are Child Life Specialists at PCH. Tori first got involved in pediatric cancer through an organization in college that raised money for kids and their families affected by pediatric cancer. She was inspired by families and the stories she was told. Kelsea was fortunate enough to complete her internship at Cardon Children’s hematology/oncology unit where she fell in love with the kids and their families that she had met. She now works outpatient at PCH and her “job” doesn’t feel like a job at all. Tori grew up in Iowa and loves going back to visit family. She likes ice cream, reading, and puppies and likes to be active hiking, running and working out. Kelsea loves California and she spent a lot of time there when she was younger. She likes anything to do with the ocean! Her favorite things are her family, her dog, coffee, reading and hiking. Tori would like to tell cancer, “Cancer, cancer, go away, please don’t come back another day! We want to run, we want to play, cancer, cancer go away!” Kelsea would like to say, “You’ll never “win”-these kids and families are so, so resilient. You are mean and a thief, but as hard as you might try, you don’t define them. They are still happy and smiling at the end of most days!”