CCN’s September 24th Hero is Roman

Originally Posted September 25, 2019

CCN’s September 24th Hero is Roman!

Roman loves Matchbox cars and carries them everywhere.  He enjoys playing cars and trucks with his 2 older brothers.  He was diagnosed with ALL and it was a shock to the family.  Roman doesn’t like being hooked up to anything and was very active.  The new phase of chemo has slowed him down alot.  He admires his dad and wants to be like him.  He wears his clothes and shoes!  When his dad has his tools out working on things, Roman follows and “helps” with his own tool box.  Roman has a very welcoming personality and is not shy. He hugs everyone and is very loving and that makes him a very special guy.  “Roman Strong” and “You’re not doing it alone!” is what the family says and they are very supportive.