CCN’s September 23rd Hero is Tristan

Originally Posted September 25, 2018

CCN’s September 23rd Hero is Tristan!
Tristan would like to tell cancer that “I am stronger than you!” He is 5 years old and was diagnosed with ALL. There has been a lot of struggle with cancer: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Tristan has special people in his life and he has pulled through it with “Hulk” like strength! It has opened him up to being stronger, caring, giving, respectful, and accepting. Now he feels like he can do anything! He loves to go to the beach because the water and sand is nice. He also loves playing soccer and enjoys the challenge of it. His family is very special to him and he is very special to them. Special people in his life are his brother, sister, teachers,and most of all his nurses, doctors, and staff at Cardons Children’s Hospital.