CCN’s September 21st Hero is Angel

Originally Posted September 23, 2019

CCN’s September 21st Hero is Angel!

On May 4th, 2018 Angel was diagnosed with Midoma blastoma. He had been an active boy, loving little league, but now he doesn’t have much energy to play. Cancer has brought his family together and he enjoys talking to other kids about his cancer experience. He was able to meet Diamondback’s player, Jacob Lamb, and was asked to throw the opening pitch for the game on Labor Day this year. He loves playing video games, making videos of himself with his 12 year old brother. Angel admires his older sister who gave up her NAU scholarship to be able to be with him during his cancer treatment. Everyone in his family has been supportive during his cancer journey and his Dad has stayed by his side throughout it all. Angel doesn’t give up and after surgery to remove a tumor, he couldn’t walk or talk. In a few short months he was able to walk onto the Phoenix Rising team’s field! He say’s he “Slayin’ it!” and to “Take it day by day!”