CCN’s September 20th Hero is Mikala

Originally Posted September 25, 2018

CCN’s September 20th Hero is Mikala!
Mikala is an RN at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and has been working in pediatric oncology for 4 years. She was first introduced to those amazing kids when she was a patient care tech on the floor. Now she gets to care for these kiddos as a nurse! She can easily say that this is her dream job and that is what makes her special! Mikala likes listening to Taylor Swift, hiking, playing with her dog, and her favorite place is Disneyland because she gets to be a big kid all day! Most of the special people in her life are the kids she takes care of. To all of the warriors fighting the big fight she would like them to remember to never give up and, “There is no charge for awesomeness.”-Po, Kung Fu Panda. Keep being awesome!