CCN’s March 9th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Bruce

Originally Posted March 6, 2018

CCN’s March 9th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Bruce!
Bruce is a bright 7 year old boy with a photographic memory! He was diagnosed with ALL in 2015 and luckily with his photographic memory he has been able to stay caught up in school. He has just started getting back to his school routine, which has been hard. CCN’s HOPE program was able to go to Bruce’s school and help educate his peers about cancer. Bruce lives in Yuma and sometimes his family has driven back and forth to PCH daily for treatments. They are grateful for all that Children’s Cancer Network has done for them. They have been able to attend the holiday party, All Star Sibling events and have been thankful for the gas cards that CCN has provided to help with travel expenses. Bruce has reached a milestone in his treatment and that was to get his port out last summer and he has finished inpatient chemo. To learn more information about the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer go to