CCN’s March 4th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Lyvia

Originally Posted March 6, 2019

CCN’s March 4th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Lyvia!
In July 2018 Lyvia went to the doctor for her 5 month checkup. The doctor discovered a liver ridge on her abdomen and scheduled an ultrasound to see what it may be. That July the family’s world changed after she was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a type of liver cancer. Blood transfusions, surgery and chemotherapy were then started for her. Finally in September she received her last dose of chemo and it was also the day when they found out she was cancer free! As a result of the chemotherapy she has experienced some hearing loss. She is a super energetic girl with a contagious laugh and smile! She is a daredevil who likes doing somersaults, climbing stairs, and dancing. She received a lot of love and care during her cancer journey and is now a happy, healthy 1 year old!
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