CCN’s March 3rd Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Latavia

Originally Posted March 5, 2018

CCN’s March 3rd Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Latavia!

Latavia is almost 14 years old and has a wonderful, supportive family.  At the age of 12 she was diagnosed with fibromatosis after discovering a lump on her neck.  This turned out to be a tumor and then she started treatment.  This has been hard on her and she questions why she had to get cancer.  She has been lucky in one regard; she has never lost her hair through all of her cancer treatments like a lot of people do!  Latavia’s family loves Children’s Cancer Network!  They enjoy coming to and participating in many of the programs that CCN provides such as It’s All About You, Sky Kids, the All-Star Sibling program, and tickets for sporting events that they can take the whole family to.  They say that CCN lifts their spirits!  To learn more information about  the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer go to