CCN’s March 3rd Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Ayden

Originally Posted March 6, 2019

CCN’s March 3rd Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Ayden!
Ayden was diagnosed with high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia and is 4 years old. Cancer has changed a lot about life. He and his family can’t play at the park and it is not as easy to just get up and go somewhere. He loves playing in the playroom on his oncology floor because they have Hot Wheels cars! He also loves Mickey Mouse, Captain America and playing board games. One of the most special people in his life is his child-life specialist, Tracey. Ayden loves sports especially baseball, football, and basketball. He is a happy boy who loves to smile! His favorite motto is: “Hey cancer, you picked the wrong kid!”

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Remember, you don’t have to know a child or someone who has cancer to be a part of this great run. All supporters are welcome!