CCN’s March 1st Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Leilani

Originally Posted March 6, 2019

CCN’s March 1st Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Leilani!

Leilani was diagnosed with ALL and is 6 years old.  Cancer has affected her and her family in a surprising way.  It has challenged them to overcome something they never thought they would endure.  They are more focused, determined, and appreciative of their time and fellowship.  There is a good side to it and we like to focus on that aspect.  Leilani loves gymnastics because you get to wear a leotard.  She enjoys indoor trampoline parks and going to Urban Jungle.  The special people in her family are her mom and dad and Luke.  Luke, her brother, enjoys playing with her and she loves him very much!  She takes joy in simple things.  Her motto:  “I’m going to kick cancer’s butt!”

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