CCN’s March 10th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Lily

Originally Posted March 6, 2018

CCN’s March 10th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Lily!
It was Thanksgiving 2016 when John and Lindsey got the shocking diagnosis that their 2-year-old daughter Lily had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common form of cancer in children. Lily’s journey would involve three years (at least) of check-ups and medicines and procedures. She has been quite the trouper, enduring poking, prodding and frequent hospital stays, never complaining or crying — not even once — along the way. Instead, she is living life with a gusto — riding her pink scooter around the yard, painting her fingernails (blue is her go-to fashion color) and enjoying Disney movie marathons. She loves school, her friends and challenging herself to 50-piece puzzles. On most days, she loves being the big sister to 18-month-old Lincoln, too. Lily’s story is a lesson in how to approach the unknown while living life to the fullest. Her story undoubtedly provides a ray of hope to so many families in our community who are facing similar challenges.To learn more information about the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer go to