CCN’s February 21st Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Dareece

Originally Posted February 21, 2019

CCN’s February 21st Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Dareece!

Dareece would like to tell cancer, “I don’t like you cancer!  Leave me alone!”  She is 8 years old and her cuteness makes her special.  Her favorite sport is soccer because she likes to exercise.  She also enjoys making slime, dancing, and putting on make-up and doing her nails.  She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.  Cancer has affected her by keeping her from being herself and kept her from wanting to be the kid she wants to be.  The special people in her life are her family because they make her happy.

Children’s Cancer Network provides gas cards through our Gas and Food Card Program and transportation for many families to help them with their cancer journey.

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