CCN’s February 16th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Santos

Originally Posted February 18,2019

CCN’s February 16th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Santos!

Santos is 11 years old and has 3 brothers and sisters.  He was diagnosed with leukemia and because of it he missed a lot of school and learning.  He loves football and basketball as some of his favorite activities.  Some of his favorite things are his dog, Rocky, his Play Station to play “Fortnight”, and his family members.  They are special to him because they are always there for him.  He is special because he is a cancer survivor and most people don’t make it.  His favorite saying is “I beat cancer’s butt!”

H.O.P.E. Honoring Our Peers Everyday is a school re-entry program easing the way for survivors and siblings to return to school after a cancer diagnosis. To learn more about this program visit or call our office at 480-398-1564.

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