CCN’s February 15th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Gwen

Originally Posted February 15, 2018

CCN’s February 15th Run to Fight Cancer Hero is Gwen!

At age 6, Gwen Satterlee already has dreams of becoming a marine biologist and saving animals.  She loves animals, particularly ocean animals.  On her list of things she would love to learn is how to surf.  Gwen and her family are very active in fundraisers to help children fight cancer.  They recently raised funds to purchase toys at the East Valley Clinic as children wait for treatment.  Gwen’s cancer journey began when she was 4 years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia.  The family became involved with Children’s Cancer Network shortly after that.  The connections that CCN has made for them with other families helped them to realize that there was a support system and that it was helpful to be able to talk to other families that had children diagnosed with cancer.  They have been a part of CCN’s sibling program, HOPE program, and other activities sponsored by CCN.  They are willing to give back and help others and that makes them a strong family.  To learn more information about Children’s Cancer Network visit our website at and to get more information about the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer go to