Originally Posted September 19, 2016

CCN’s September 19th Hero is Camlin

I was 8 when I was diagnosed with Leukemia and I am 13 years old now.  I was diagnosed on Christmas Eve in 2011.  I did cancer treatments for over 2 years and now I am totally fine.  It has been really hard but I have stayed positive and grateful all the way through.  If I could say one thing to my cancer it would be “You’ve taught me so much, one being that I HATE YOU!”  Something special after getting chemo was my mom always got me a cookie dough Blizzard from DQ.  My favorite food is tacos because you can mix/match the toppings and I also love kale…because it’s amazing!  If I could travel anywhere it would be to go to New York and see a ton of Broadway shows.  That would be the best thing ever!

Motto:  What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!