Originally Posted August 17, 2015

Beydn Swink lived in Fort Benning, Georgia, with his mom, step father, and three younger brothers. He loved Star Wars, Greek Mythology, and dinosaurs. Beydn was a fan of the Braves, Panthers and Ohio State football. He loved the water, going to North Carolina, and books. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson, Oh, The Places You Go, and much more. Beydn loved to read. Looooved to read. Then one day, the happy healthy young boy, didn’t feel like eating or getting out of bed, and on November 3rd, 2013 Beydn was diagnosed with T Cell ALL. Leukemia. Four months later he was gone. Not from cancer. Beydn hit remission rather quickly. But the chemotherapy treatments lowered his immune system allowing an invasive fungal infection showed up. And then another. Aspergillosis & Septosporum. Beydn Swink was ten years old when he beat Cancer. But the invasive fungal infections beat Beydn. February 22nd, 2014 Beydn was taken off life support, and earned his wings. In his name, and memory, an organization was started. The ForBeydn Foundation, aiming to raise awareness, funding, and promote action for kids like Beydn. For leukemia, and complications from the treatments. For the fungal infections. Beydn was supposed to turn 11 on May 9th. He was supposed to start middle school this fall. He didn’t get to. If you would like to support Beydn and let his death mean something other than unfair, you can go to or This video link also tells his story, and explains the For Beydn Foundation. This video link is a memorial video of him. For Beydn. For Leukemia. For Kids Who Can’t.