Originally Posted September 21, 2016

CCN’s September 20th Hero is Austin

I am 21 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 3 non-operable brain cancer – Mixed Malignant Germinoma.  I had 2 years of treatment, a re-occurrence after one segment of treatment, 3 brain surgeries, stem-cell transplant, and then in February of 2013 I had my first clean MRI scan.  I am now over 31/2 years of clean MRI scans!  If I could say anything to my cancer it would be, “You suck, but at least I kicked your ass out of my head!”  If I could travel anywhere it would be to any of the tropic islands or places really green like Iceland or New Zealand.  My favorite food is Mongolian BBQ because I can eat as much food as I want!  Special things I did before treatments were going to Mongolian BBQ restaurants, see movies, go to other great restaurants with great food, enjoy Kombuchas, spend time with family and friends, laugh and have a good time being abnormal!

Motto:  Never give up!  It’s only brain surgery!  Comedy in the face of adversity.