Araceli and Alexis

Originally Posted August 17, 2015

Sibings Alexis and Araceli are a team! Alexis is 16y and was diagnosed with Leukemia in July of 2011. He finished his treatment last month! Parents, Maria and Juan, and sister Abilene have become a closer family because of the cancer. Alexis is in 11th grade, and would like to go to college. He is excited to learn Spanish and has a passion for basketball. We wish him luck when he tries out for the basketball team in November! Araceli has been the backbone during Alexis’ Journey! Mom and dad inspire her to be strong. Araceli has been working as Care Provider for an autistic boy for 6 years and she also works with an older woman. This ambitious young lady is starting a 16 week program to become a “Health unit Coordinating Patient Care Associate “. Her goal is to work in a Children’s Hospital when she finishes the program. Our best to these inspiring siblings!