Originally Posted October 26, 2015


Amanda an 11 year old, 6th grade FASHIONISTA! The day I met her she was decked out in the cutest hat, capris and sassy tank top along with hand painted Arizona Cardinal Converse tennis shoes with none other than Larry Fitzgerald painted on the sides! Math is her favorite subject at school and for now she is being home schooled while she battles Medulloblastoma. She has finished her radiation and is in the chemotherapy process. 3 sisters and 2 brothers keep her busy when she is feeling well. Purple is her color of choice! If you hadn’t already guessed, football and the Cardinals are her favorite team along with Larry Fitzgerald as her number one player! If she had a superpower it would be strength, so she could give everyone who needed it the strength to fight their cancer. As for a super hero, Amanda created Super Girl who would fly. Amanda, you are our SUPERGIRL always!